Greetings from NORVIS

Dear NORVIS participants for 2020 (would have been!) and everyone who came in 2019 – welcome to ‘not-NORVIS’ week 2020! My name is Mark Lawrence, chair of the NORVIS trustees, and I would normally be greeting you today in person and welcoming you to our wonderful summer school. Well, remotely, welcome anyway! All being well, we will indeed meet in 2021 for our Golden Jubilee NORVIS 50.

So I needn’t ask you if your travelling was easy or hard, or whether you have checked into your accommodation OK. You don’t need a site tour, and you can’t take part in the playing session for people to join once they have settled in. You haven’t got the first tuition session tonight. Never mind, you can imagine.
Meanwhile, you can meet our tutors at least virtually. Furthermore, many of them have sent messages, videos or other resources for you to have a look at. This material has, in many cases, been created specially for you. I have emailed you individually as this is not available to the general public for copyright reasons.
Every best wish from everyone at NORVIS.

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