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The Northumbrian Recorder and Viol School (NORVIS) was founded as an annual summer school in Durham in 1971 by Layton and Christine Ring.  It has flourished ever since. Our musical director is Andrew Fowler.

NORVIS XLVIII – Saturday 28th July to Saturday 4th August 2018

viols at NORVIS
Viol class with Jacqui Robertson-Wade

NORVIS covers a broad range of early music interests, welcoming viol-players, recorder-players, lutenists and baroque string enthusiasts as well as renaissance instrument and harpsichord players – not to mention solo and choral singers. There is a very generous provision of expert tutors.

But more than that, NORVIS is enjoyable, sociable and has a friendly rapport between tutors and participants.

As part of our charitable activity, we offer generous bursaries towards the tuition fees to encourage young people and others to participate in NORVIS.

NORVIS is a registered charity no. 1014801

In concert in Bede Chapel


NORVIS is a registered charity no. 1014801

NORVIS is run by a dedicated team of Trustees together with:

Administrator – Harriet Gilfillan

Musical Director – Andrew Fowler

Tutor Organiser – Elizabeth Dodd

Trustees (2017-2018):

Mark Lawrence – Chairman
Ailie Kerrane – Secretary
Simon Squires – Treasurer
Glad Capewell – committee member
Maureen Jackson – committee member
For further information, contact the Administrator.

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