Saturday 30th July – Saturday 6th August 2016, College of St Hild & St Bede, Durham

Approximately 80 participants (roughly 1/3 new to NORVIS) joined the 2016 course, the last one to be led by Music Director Ralph Woodward.  The usual pattern was followed of morning tuition, trio-sonata / ensemble groups, choir / baroque orchestra / informal groups, Choice of Delights, concert (Ceilidh on Wednesday), Epilogue. We remembered former Baroque Strings tutor, Duncan Druce with a wonderful performance by seven viols on Friday, and long-standing NORVIS participant Rose Reeve with an Epilogue; both had passed away in the preceding 12 months. As well as welcoming Oliver Webber as our new string tutor, we were also delighted that John Traherne MBE, a distinguished harpsichordist, was our harpsichord technician for the week. The end of the week also saw the retirement of long-standing NORVIS Secretary, Jane Beeson.

The classes and choice of music for the tuition classes can be seen in the music list: NORVIS XLVI Music list pdf
NORVIS daily schedule: NORVIS 2016 schedule
The daily choice of activities following the afternoon cup of tea or coffee can be seen in this booklet: Choice of Delights booklet 2016

Sunday night – Les Tendre Badinages (about composer Blavet) with Oonagh, Mary and Alan, followed by A Celebration of Shakespeare coordinated by Clare.
Monday night – Bass Delights (for 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bass viols) by the viol tutors, followed by A Folly of Folias, coordinated by Mary.
2016 Monday Bass Delights, 2016 Monday Folly of Folias
Tuesday night – student and tutor concert 2016 Tuesday programme
Thursday night – student and tutor concert 2016 Thursday programme
Friday night – student and tutor concert 2016 Friday programme

tutors 2016
NORVIS tutors 2016