About the course

Viol technique class

NORVIS is a diverse and varied course, full of interesting classes, activities and concerts throughout the week.

A typical day at a glance

(8.00 Breakfast)
9.15–10.45 First Session
10.45 Coffee/tea
11.15–12.30 Second Session
(12.45 Lunch)
13.30-14.00 Prom in Caedmon Hall
14.00–16.00 Orchestra/Choir/Free time
16.00 Coffee/tea
16.30–18.00 Choice of Delights
(18.30 Dinner)
19.45–21.30 Concert or lecture/recital
(21.30 Bar open)
22.00 Epilogue in Bede Chapel

NORVIS offers a wonderfully packed and varied programme of activities. The first session daily, is a taught class in your chosen instrument or singing. These include Solo Bass Viol, Viol consort, Solo Recorder, Recorder, Singing, Baroque Strings, Harpsichord and Lute/Theorbo.

DSC03841 Ensemble - Hanne, Vickie, Mark & me (2)After coffee, the second session offers a range of chamber ensembles, such as trio sonatas, viol consorts, recorder consorts, and mixed vocal and instrumental ensembles.

After lunch, participants may join the NORVIS Baroque orchestra (with Michael) or the choir (with Andrew), make up their own informal playing groups or have time to themselves.

After a cuppa we have Choice of Delights sessions, a rich variety of classes aimed to broaden our musical horizons. Concerts each evening are a mix of lecture-recitals and concerts by the tutors and participants. Wednesday afternoon is free and that evening we hold a Ceilidh. The Friday night concert is a culmination of the week’s work, and includes the NORVIS Baroque orchestra and the choir in performance separately or together.

NORVIS XLVIII – Saturday 28th July to Saturday 4th August 2018

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