Music for the Course

Elizabeth’s viol class – Gabrieli

This page currently shows the music for the 2021 NORVIS which had to be postponed.  The 2022 NORVIS music list will be published during the autumn.

The course pitch in general is A415 for string instruments and A440 for recorders unless otherwise designated.  Participants, both wind and strings, who wish to play in the NORVIS Baroque orchestra should bring their own instruments.  Please include all the instruments you plan to bring in your online application, not just those of your tuition class main study.

Sharing of instruments will be tightly restricted / controlled in order to maintain COVID-safety.


The 2021 Music List includes information about all the ‘first session’ music tuition and the ‘second session’ activities, as well as the choir and orchestra.

JOSQUIN DES PREZ (1450/55 – 1521) 500th anniversary

MICHAEL PRAETORIUS (1571 – 1621) 400th anniversary

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In 2021, it’s the 500th anniversary of Josquin’s death and the 400th of Praetorius’ death (and 450th of his birth).  Our NORVIS week will reflect these anniversaries.

In 2021, the NORVIS (socially-distanced) Choir – director: Andrew Fowler – will perform music by Josquin and Praetorius. (Subject to government restrictions on group singing.)

In 2021, the NORVIS Baroque (socially-distanced) orchestra – director: Michael Williamson – will study music from the following selection:

Tomaso Albinoni (1671 – 1751) Sinfonia in Sol Minore

Charles Avison (1709 – 70) Concerto I, Op. 9

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 – 1764) Les Boréades 

Antonio Vivaldi (1675 – 1741) Concerto in Re minore ‘Madrigalesco’ 

Jean Fèry Rebel (1688 – 1734) Les Caractères de la Danse

NORVIS Baroque is open to all players of orchestral wind and stringed instruments at A=415 (not restricted to members of the string class). Music will be provided and can be sent in advance on request.

Music and Instruments – and Shopping

Consult the 2021 Music List for information about music required.  NORVIS also has a large music library which may be borrowed from during the course.  We will follow the relevant guidance for safe handling of music copies.


Lute music for the course is detailed on the music list, with some downloadable resources available HERE.

SHEET MUSIC may be ordered in advance from Jacks Pipes and Hammers.

Holders of large stocks of sheet music in both facsimile and modern editions.

Tel: 01422 882751  Fax: 01422 886157


Jacqui and Michael also run Rondo Publishing and will be selling their publications at NORVIS.

Peter Booth from the Early Music Shop will join us at NORVIS as usual, selling everything from viol strings to bass recorders, crumhorns to renaissance drums and useful instrument accessories.  We will follow the relevant guidance for safe handling of musical instruments.

A limited number of viols may be available for hire at a small charge, including insurance. Baroque violins and bows may be available by prior arrangement. Lutes are available for hire – please en
quire by email about hiring instruments.  We will follow the relevant guidance for safe handling of musical instruments.


Richard Jones viols

Richard and Vivien Jones , longstanding friends of NORVIS, make beautiful Renaissance viols, see their website