Hello from NORVIS

“Hello!” to everybody who has been to NORVIS in the last couple of years – the music list is up on the website. Having said that, some of you have already found it, and some of you have already applied, which is great.
If you haven’t applied yet, remember that you get a £20 discount just for sending in your application in good time (before 1st April).
Recorder players will notice a new arrangement, with the tutors putting people into groups. This is similar to the system for the viol players, which works very well. The new application form has a box for ‘Musical comments/requests/experience’ – please use this to tell us how you found your class last year and to make any requests. They will all be taken into account!
Do pass the word about NORVIS on to your playing friends, and encourage some of them to apply for this year. If they come, you will get a £50 discount! Also, would you be able to distribute some leaflets, perhaps to local music shops, schools, playing groups or concert audiences? If so, I’d be delighted to send you some. Just let me know how many and confirm your postal address – or send me a name and address and I’ll send them direct.
Preparations for this year’s NORVIS are going well –  it is exciting to have Andrew at the musical helm and John Treherne (our harpsichord technician in 2016) as harpsichord tutor.  The other familiar face with a new role is Michael (Williamson), who has been on the front desk of the orchestra and will now direct the baroque strings class, joining our strong team of tutors.
We look forward to hearing from you.