Rose Reeve, in memoriam

Long-standing and much loved member of NORVIS, Rose Reeve passed away on 8th March.   (An article in the local paper is available HERE.)  NORVIS Secretary, Jane Beeson writes the following:

Rose NORVIS 2007 1JPG
Rose at NORVIS 2007

Many of you will already have heard the sad news that Rose Reeve passed away on 8th March. Her health had not been good for many years, as she had suffered from myeloma, but in the end a viral infection caused her condition to worsen rather quickly – she and Roger had enjoyed a very happy weekend in Edinburgh just three weeks before.

Rose Reeve
Rose Reeve

Rose had been a much-loved member of the NORVIS family since she first came to the course in 1974. She was always welcoming and encouraging to newcomers, and was a tireless member of the legendary late night playing sessions of earlier years, taking part on a variety of instruments or singing. She had a great capacity for friendship, and was a part of all those ‘extra’ things that really bring a course like NORVIS to life.  She will be very greatly missed and we will be sure to get together at NORVIS XLVI to remember her with the music she loved.

Rose and Roger wedding anniversary 2014!

Our thoughts are with Roger at such a sad time.

Best wishes


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