Dear early music enthusiast
It was good to see you at NORVIS XLV earlier this month and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s always a very special week in my diary.
Talking of diaries, have you put the next NORVIS in yours yet? It starts on Saturday 30th July 2016, with arrival from 4pm to give time to settle in before dinner, and ends after breakfast on Saturday 6th August 2016.
You may wonder why it is me (Harriet) writing to you. Well, the reason is that for that though I’ve been on the committee for a couple of years, it has been ‘without portfolio’ but now I’ve taken on the newly created role of Applications Secretary. This means I’ll be responding to enquiries and taking applications. I’ll also let you know when the new brochure comes out, in the hope that soon afterwards you will overwhelm me with early applications!
In the meantime, I’ll do my best to answer any queries you may have and would welcome a reply to this email (just ‘received’ would be fine) so that I know lines of communication are open. Alternatively, feel free to phone me.
Thank you to everyone who has given feedback, either on forms or by email. Some of the comments were very detailed and we appreciate the time and thought that has gone into them. Everything is read by all the committee and will be discussed when we meet at the beginning of September.
Hope you are having a good summer and enjoying putting the fruits of NORVIS 2015 into practice.
Best wishes