Bursaries and help with fees

NORVIS 50 postponed until 2021: read full announcement.

NORVIS offers generous bursaries to assist full-time students recorder1and some others with the tuition fees. We have the NORVIS Bursary Fund for this purpose.

We can only give out bursaries to those who apply to us, so if you think you would qualify, please apply. There is no age limit.

If you apply to NORVIS using our new ONLINE APPLICATION process, you will be able to fill in the Bursary application as part of that process.

If you are unable to apply online for some reason, please contact our Administrator, Mrs Harriet Gilfillan who will assist you: enquiries@norvis.org.uk 

Other organisations may also be able to help with the fees.  It is important to apply EARLY for funding because the committees normally meet only once or just a few times each year to decide on awarding funds

Please let us know about success with these sources, as it will help us to give you better advice. NORVIS regrets that it cannot provide any recommendations about such independent sources of funding.

  • the Viola da Gamba Society administers the Joy Dodson Music Fund
  • the Society of Recorder Players administers the Walter Bergmann Fund
  • your local authority may have access to discretionary or means-tested grants

A few more possible sources of information (or you could do your own web search):



Under 18 – https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/get-advice///young-musicians-under-18

Student – https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/get-advice///student-funding