Keeping everyone safe at NORVIS

The dates of NORVIS in 2022 are 30th July – 6th August. We look forward to seeing you at NORVIS.

We will amend or replace this page depending on the situation in 2022.

The committee worked hard to provide a safe environment for our in-person NORVIS summer school in 2021, although in the end the course could not go ahead. We intend to take every reasonable step for 2022 in conjunction with our venue, Barnard Castle School, to manage our activities in a responsible way. Some aspects of NORVIS will, inevitably, be different to the past.

As a participant, you will have to do your part, too, as we work together on safety. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Periodically, we will post more or updated information on this page, highlighting the steps we will take and what we will ask you to do.

SOME STEPS we will ask you to take:

  1. Lateral flow testing twice (COVID-19 Self-test / Rapid Antigen Test)
  • We will expect you to take a Lateral Flow Test on the day of arrival at NORVIS. If you test positive, you must not come to NORVIS. Please inform us if that unfortunate result happens to you.
  • We will also expect you to take another Lateral Flow Test on the Wednesday of NORVIS. If you test positive, you will have to tell us immediately and to follow isolation procedures until you can leave Barnard Castle School (which must be the same day, according to the terms of hire).
  • You need to get a test kit (which contains 7 tests) from your local pharmacy IN ADVANCE OF NORVIS or order NOW via

2. Hands – face – space – ventilation

  • We will continue the requirement for regular hand washing / sanitising, and wearing a face covering when moving around the site indoors, including in queues and in communal areas. The school will provide sanitiser gel and wipes but you might well prefer to bring your own.
  • We will continue the requirement for social distancing of 2 metres: this is to avoid the need for close contacts of someone testing positive to have to self-isolate (i.e. leave NORVIS).
  • We will aim for the best ventilation that can be achieved (windows / doors open as much as possible); aim to spend social time outdoors if you can.
  • Please follow the guidance given in the dining room for safety at meal times.
  • We are going to be reasonable but firm. You have waited so long for NORVIS – we can’t throw it all away now by casual behaviour. The pandemic is still all too real.

3. A Common-sense approach

  • The committee will do its best to make everything safe, though some things are outside of our control.
  • We can all still enjoy NORVIS whilst remaining at a distance from others and following the NORVIS guidance.
  • Some things we did in the past involving sharing just won’t be possible this year.
  • We RELY on you to be HONEST: if you feel unwell, tell us and take another test.
  • Regrettably, we may ask you to leave the course if you do not comply with our reasonable requests to follow our guidance.


The latest version of our Risk Assessment, which we will revise over time up to the week of NORVIS 50 itself, will be accessible here.