Bursaries and help with fees

NORVIS is able to offer generous bursaries to assist young people, recorder1students, the unwaged and others to meet the tuition fees from the NORVIS Bursary Fund and the Laurie Forrester Viol Fund.

To help make accommodation more affordable, we offer a range of options, from tuition only up to tuition plus full board. Half board is cheaper than full board, and there are basic kitchens in the residences (bring your own plate / mug / cutlery / saucepan / utensils as required).

Please fill in the form and post or email as instructed on the form if you would like to be considered for a bursary for NORVIS, even if this is later than the ‘apply by’ advisory date on the bursary form.

2018 Bursary application form PDF: NORVIS Bursary form 2018

Word version: NORVIS bursary form 2018

For friends / partners / guests not participating in the course but wishing to come for the week, we also offer accommodation only options. Please let us know about success with these sources, as it will help us to give you better advice.

Other organisations may also be able to help with the fees:

  • the Viola da Gamba Society administers the Joy Dodson Fund
  • the Society of Recorder Players administers the Walter Bergmann Fund
  • your local authority may have access to discretionary or means-tested grants

A few more possible sources of information (or you could do your own web search):